Third Eye On the Prize
Hi, my name's Tim. Here's my report, teacher.
Guatemala in Summer Solstice         

My trip to a magical lake hidden in a mountain valley told in photographs.

Coming Back to Tumblr

New rule: two-thirds of the content I post has to be original.

The entire point of this medium, that’s social media in my eyes, is self-expression. While sharing media made by others can also create connections, original content is what makes this a meaningful exchange amongst individuals.

It is easy and fun to repost a clever piece, but it is the challenge of creation which brings us closer to ourselves and others.

Fuck… now I have to post something…

The evolution of Aurora


This week we sat down with Art Director Thomas Rollus to talk about the creation process for Aurora. We’ll show some images of Aurora at different stages of development to give some insight on how she came to be the character she is today.


The first iteration of Aurora was inspired by…

Such beauty in this game and the team that made it.

Thank you for giving us a female character that fosters hope, inspiration, strength, and action. The world needs more of it!

Solar Powered Manned Planes Exist
  • 100% solar powered
  • Takes off independently with it’s solar energy
  • Has flown for 26hrs STRAIGHT (through 9hrs of darkness)
  • Piloted by a man named Piccard…

Humanity’s gonna be alright folks. We got this now. Just gotta convince the White House and the Pentagon that solar energy is the future… We’ll just show them this They can have their sun gun/shield if I get a solar wingsuit.