Third Eye On the Prize
Hi, my name's Tim. Here's my report, teacher.
Solar Powered Manned Planes Exist
  • 100% solar powered
  • Takes off independently with it’s solar energy
  • Has flown for 26hrs STRAIGHT (through 9hrs of darkness)
  • Piloted by a man named Piccard…

Humanity’s gonna be alright folks. We got this now. Just gotta convince the White House and the Pentagon that solar energy is the future… We’ll just show them this They can have their sun gun/shield if I get a solar wingsuit.

According to BBC World News, the number of Egyptians protesting yesterday (33,000,000) is the largest number of gathered protesters in the history of mankind


Can we all think about that for a minute? 

Over 33,000,000 people


are standing in the streets 


as they have been for days 


and their act of valor is unprecedented in the history of mankind


and yet 

no one is talking about it 

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nailed it with this NSA video and I got to be in it w/ @themichaelbusch & @calehartmann

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